The unique assembly and hand built nature of our new or vintage reclaimed automatic or quartz watches means that no two watches are exactly the same. Our unique 1940’s vintage style wood cigar watch boxes and hand dyed straps may have subtle variations. This is the cornerstone of what makes a kingsley very special and full of character in the marketplace. We recommend that you handle your watch as you would a 1940’s vintage collectible and follow our recommended care instructions.

KINGSLEY offers a 2 Year limited warranty from date of purchase to original owner on all quartz models.

KINGSLEY offers a 1 Year limited warranty from date of purchase to original owner on all Professional, Vintage reclaimed, Vintage Inspired Automatic models.

KINGSLEY guarantees that your timepiece will be delivered free of material and workmanship defects and warrants dependable functioning of its movement according to the care and warranty specifications of your watch model.

KINGSLEY does not cover any damage to the outside or inside of the watch from accidents and mishandling such as; unscrewed crown, drops, shock, dents, excessive force with wrist, sports, exposure to heat and moisture, hot tubs, jacuzzis, sauna, extreme weather, unauthorized repairs, tampering, alterations, modifications that are not supplied by Kingsley No.1945, water damage, consequences of normal wear such as aging, scratches and abrasions to the crystal, watch case, crown or any other broken parts from wear on the leather strap or any other parts of the watch. Any watches purchased from unauthorized dealer, resold or third party purchases are not covered under this warranty.

Leather bands worn in water, exposed to lotion and soap sanitizers will eventually fall apart. Leaving the Crown unscrewed or pulled out will eventually create condensation or water damage. Brushing your watch against a hard object or rough surface will scratch your case or may break your crystal. Not being gentle when pulling the crown from the movement will damage the stem or internal parts of the watch. Banging against an object, door or playing any kind of sports with your watch on wrist will impact or break the timing mechanism of your movement.

Watches that have water damage due to the crown being pulled out or unscrewed will not be covered under our limited warranty. Following our care tips will ensure long lasting protection against any permanent water damages to your watch.

All warranty repairs will be subject to availability of components. If a component cannot be replaced or serviced, we will provide alternative options of equal value. All out of warranty service or part replacement will be subject to a repair or replacement cost. For more Info Contact

Customer is responsible for cost of shipping and receiving any Warranty and Out of Warranty services. Watches should be insured accordingly. KINGSLEY is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items during transit. For more info Contact

All sales are final on our made to order watches. Any watches delivered to customer with shipping damages, please report to us within 24-48 hours so that we can cover return and re-shipping fees.