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This is a rare and incredible opportunity to build your own watch case,
dial and strap finishes from your favorite online Watch Collection.


We have taken this complex process and made it very simple for our Kingsley fans. We have broken down the creation of your watch into the 3 most important aesthetically visible components of a watch.

The Case, The Dial, The Strap

Step 1: Start by selecting your favorite Collection Type
Step 2: Pick your favorite Case from that Collection.
Step 3: Pick your favorite Dial from that Collection.
Step 4: Pick your favorite Strap from that Collection.
Step 5: Email us your favorite Case, Dial and Strap from that Collection.


After we receive your email we confirm availability of Parts and provide you with a watch build timeline of approx. One to Two weeks. We apply a flat $250 Watchmaker’s assembly fee towards the price of your custom built watch. The price of your watch is determined by your Watch Case selection.



Make it



As part of the Custom Watch program we also offer the opportunity
to individually customize the interior Authenticity card with name printed
into the card and personally signed certificate from the designer of
your special watch.



Simply send us the First and Last name with your custom watch order. We will custom print it into the Authenticity Presentation Card that comes with your Watch Cigar Box.

For Corporate Gift Order please email us any special request and we will provide you further details and available options.