Kingsley No.1945 was founded in Providence Rhode Island by Kingsley, a latin american designer and son of a military officer born during WW2 who grew up under the rule of military dictator Generalisimo Rafael L. Trujillo. The watches reflect a part of Kingsley's family memories and lifelong hobby of collecting military WW2 airplane cockpit gauges, vintage typewriters, cigar boxes and mechanical watch parts that he would find laying around on the shelves of antique shops. Kingsley began from an idea that one day he would find a creative way to utilize some of the airplane gauges with some of the old worn out everyday WW2 era pocket and wrist watches he had accumulated over the years. He started by making his first hand sketches and experimenting with repurposed materials to make his first prototypes. This gave way to focus entirely on designing a vintage inspired construction combined with Kingsley's fascination for vintage leather and metal materials and military aircraft instruments of the 1940's-1950's.


A remarkable scratch built design that began from a simple hand sketch. Made of 25 ultra high quality precision machined stainless steel parts with a thick sapphire crystal top.  Designed with a unique bolted case and strap assembly construction that allows for interchangeable parts that can be individually customized. 

Each Kingsley No.1945 pilot case is fitted with mechanical movement parts that are inspired by 1940'1950'S Self-Winding Movement parts he has collected over the years. Distinct visible wear marks can be observed from the age of the movement parts and the flywheel has been customized with a design that is inspired by the WW2 time period. For the hardcore collector's out there we want to clearly specify that we must define our movement parts as inspired by the 1940's-50's because there is no way to authenticate an exact age of each movement because these parts where purchased from antique stores with no specific markings and some of the parts have been taken apart to customize the flywheel so that it matches the vintage design inspiration of the Kingsley watch.

Each piece is individually assembled Out Of A Small Workshop Located In The Historic Browne & Sharpe Mill Building In Providence, Rhode Island USA.



Inspired by the beautiful aged leather of WW2 bomber jackets and vintage pilot briefcases. Hundreds of hours went into hand making leather strap prototypes to achieve the inspired vintage hand crafted and thick natural leather quality of a Kingsley No.1945 strap. Designed with carefully selected cow hides that age beautifully over time similar to a well worn leather flight helmet.

THE WATCH CIGAR BOX /  A taste of Victory

Inspired by stories of WW2 Ace pilots secretly rewarding themselves with a box of hand made cigars for their victories in the skies. Our packaging is hand finished in Providence RI out of wood that has been antiqued and  beautifully finished black and brass hardware. No two watch cigar boxes are exactly alike and each come with a print of the original hand drawings created when the watch was created.