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Type 1

Copper Grenade



One Of A Kind Timepieces Inspired By WW2-Era Vintage Military Instruments. Proudly Designed Engineered & Assembled In Providence RI USA

One day,

Out of the cellar of an old WW2-era foundry known as the Browne & Sharpe Company, Kingsley set out to transform objects from our military past into a compelling timepiece that told its own story. He created a watch prototype using WW2-Era aircraft and vintage movement parts that he bolted to straps cut from worn leather bomber jackets.

Today Kingsley watches each tell a story of their own and have become a source of inspiration that has connected our growing watch club members across the world. Read Full Story


Type 1


A Watch Inspired By a 1940's MK2 Hand Grenade


Type 2

Aircraft Gauge-Automatico

A Watch Inspired By Vintage WW2 Aircraft Gauges


Type 3

Vintage Trench Watch

1930's Inspired Pocket Watch on a Bomber Strap


Type 4

Grenade Swiss Quartz

Half Pound Case Inspired by a WW2 Hand Grenade


Every Kingsley Watch Is Packaged In Our Iconic Handcrafted Vintage WW2 Inspired Aged Cigar Watch Gift Box.

A token of good luck,

This hand made cigar box was made in honor of our WW2 USAF fighter pilots. Inspired by WW2 stories of pilots carrying hand rolled cigars onboard their aircraft as a token of good luck and to celebrate their safe return from the skies. We dedicate this hand made cigar box design in honor of our WW2 USAF fighter pilots. Read Full Story